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VERTEX GROUP created to support and provide service and solutions related to meeting pollution and environmental challenges faced by industrial and municipal sectors.  With this goal in mind, VERTEX GROUP offers.

  • Environmental assessment of the challenge.
  • Conceptual solution to tackle the problem.
  • Basic and detailed engineering design.
  • Complete turnkey plant and system.
  • Only supplies of the components or systems required by another service provider or the clients for a new project, plant improvement or upgrade.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Plant audit for efficiency improvement, cost savings and upgrade.
  • Designing and building customized solutions for clients which are environmentally friendly and efficient.

VERTEX GROUP main focus of business

  • Water and waste water treatment for municipal and industrial sector.
  • Waste water recycle for reuse in the industry or elsewhere with minimum or zero discharge option.
  • Membrane systems like Micro, Ultra, Nano and RO systems.
  • Sea water desalination systems with intake structure as per the client’s suitability.

VERTEX GROUP also focuses on providing alternate energy solutions. Covering

  • Efficient biomass to energy generation systems with the option of cogeneration.
  • Solar based systems
  • Bio gas based power generation systems
  • Bio gas flare and treatment systems.
  • Liners and covers for tanks, lagoons reservoirs, protective liners for tanks and reservoirs.
  • Recycle and utilizing organic and inorganic waste towards developing clean and green technologies for the protection of mother earth.  Like conversion of organic waste to fertilizers, compost etc.


Active participation towards protecting global environment by continuous research and development by ongoing improvement and learning.


To bring VERTEX on the global platform as a leading global enterprise in environment management and treatment and solution provider to handle toughest challenge.

VERTEX commitment towards the clients:

  • Focused approach to provide Quality and efficient systems, supplied and installed in a committed time frame.
  • Strong technical & design backup during the execution and guarantee period.
  • Guaranteed plant performance.
  • Ongoing support to the clients for the betterment in performance.
  • Providing components and systems of reputed make and standards for trouble-free operation.
  • Support for plant operation and Maintenance under committed contract.